Our main purpose, is to be one of the few facilities in worldwide making Production to increase our market share by promoting our products and reach to our Strategic values.

In this sense, we are targeting;

 Controlling all the processes, from raw material input to delivering our final product “copper welded double wall tube” or Galfan+PA coated or Electrolytic Zinc+PA copper welded double wall tube and also copper coated steel to our clients, by highly skilled individuals,
 Who are competent, having proven proficiency
 Prevailing occupational safety and health regulations,
 With an absolute environmental consciousness,
 The zero defect product complies with customer requirements and satisfaction and also legal obligation shall be produced at the level of the lowest production cost if it is possible,
 Thus making production, competing in world markets with high quality criteria and with the continuous development principle “complying with the requirements of applicable items of reference quality standard and the consciousness of our environmental responsibilities

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