1. To produce top quality hydraulic brake lines and present safe and environmental friendly products to consumers.
2. To give environment and human health equal importance with product quality with a social responsibility consciousness.
3. To adopt honesty, transparency, fairness and respect as basic principles.
4. To comprehend expectations of stakeholders correctly and develop a fair approach for them.
5. To prioritize customer benefits to provide continuous commercial success.
6. To accept customers as important stakeholders and to compete with rivals in a right and fair way.
7. To respect rights of employees and take fair decisions, to give equal according to competencies and not to discriminate.
8. To abide by workplace rules and not to permit violation of rules.
9. To prohibit use of addictive materials at workplace. To dismiss personnel who are determined to use addictive materials.
10. To avoid malicious use of computer and internet.
11. To keep personal information secret.
12. To avoid actions and activities outside the institution, which can damage the reputation of Net Boru or conflict with benefits of the company in other ways.
13. To refrain from discriminative behaviours against suppliers and give them equal chances.
14. To protect secret Know How values of the company and to use information correctly.
15. To develop hydraulic brake line, which compose the identity of company, continuously and to be transparent and reliable in communication and marketing activities.
16. To keep all information and accounting records correct.
17. To avoid bribery and illegal actions, and all kinds of behaviours which can affect decisions of the firm, or can be beneficial for acquaintances.
18. To make production in an environmentally friendly way and contribute to a liveable environment for future generations.
19. To avoid use of prohibited materials in products and to make commitment on this.
20. To make continuous briefing for the most effective and efficient execution of works.
21. To protect and not to damage machine, equipment and possessions of Net Boru.
22. To protect and not to damage Supplier and Customer properties.
23. To avoid discrimination between people on race, colour, religion, gender, age, nationality, ethnic origin, marital status, pregnancy, handicap or disability context and not to do mobbing.
24. To refrain from employment of child labour and uninsured personnel.
25. To keep confidentiality of possession of customers and suppliers. To provide efficient and safe use of them.
26. To avoid impression by employees that they attend Political Activities or behave on behalf of Net Boru in any way.

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