Establish a system in accordance with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ensure that it works effectively,
 To be constantly in a developer effort by not finding the current system adequate
 Providing environmental protection, pollution prevention, waste reduction and natural resources effective usage; leaving green, clean, having enough natural resources world to future generations by using all facilities provided by science & technology.
 Having competancy to legal regulations, statutory obligations and local regulations
 Having competency in this subject,
 Having command of work safety & worker health
 A complete environmental awareness,
 Controlled by fully qualified individuals
 By adopting our employees on this subject, to create an environment culture and consciousness that will be continuously developed and passed on to other generations.
 In a logic that adopts continuous improvement and development as a principle, to carry out the production in accordance with the applicable requirements of the Environmental Standard referred to, and by being aware of our environmental responsibility

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