Leading double wall copper coated steel tube manufacturer for the automotive industry

Extremely strong and reliable tubes.

40 years of experience

Certified production and process – ISO 9001 / TS 16 949

Netboru passed ISO 27001 on Nov.2019

Netboru is in Automechanica Frankfurt on 11-15 Sept. 2018

Netboru passed IATF 16949 Transition Audit on Feb.2018


Net Boru is a leading double wall copper coated steel tube manufacturer for the automotive industry, offering products with high-quality corrosion resistance in the brake lines, fuel lines and power steering systems of vehicles.

We ensure our commitment to our customers through our state of art technology and knowhow in manufacturing double wall copper coated steel tubes.

E-zinc, Galfan and Polyamide (PA) coated tubes are also a part of our production giving superior features compared to standard fluorocarbon polymer ( PVF) coating and offering high corrosion resistance.


First spring company in Turkey (MAKTEL) was founded by Mr.Çetin Şaman in 1969.

First continuous brazing oven using contact welding and first roll forming for producing double wall tubes ( different than Bundy system ) were invented by Mr. Çetin Şaman in 1972. Mr. Şaman also introduced a completely new know-how roll forming which resulted in excellent cross section of the double wall tubing.

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